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Presidential Research/Scholarship Poster Competition

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan recognizes the central role of knowledge creation and dissemination in the life of a great comprehensive university.  To recognize research and scholarship as a central part of the UVa mission during the Presidential Inauguration, we held a Pan-University Research Poster Competition to highlight high-impact and innovative growth areas for UVa research.  Due to this event’s popularity with faculty, students, and external visitors, we decided to hold it as an annual event.  The Third Annual Presidential Research/Scholarship Poster competition will be held on May 3, 2013.  Submissions will be due, uploaded to the website, by Monday, March 18, 2013. Please see the website for additional information.


Eligibility: Open to all post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Postdocs: This includes all postdoctoral fellows, research assistants and research associates at UVA

Graduate Students: Includes any student working on a degree of any type that is beyond an undergraduate degree at UVA

Undergraduate: You are currently registered as an undergraduate student at UVA

We strongly encourage faculty involvement, while we are not running a separate track for faculty, we are hopeful many of our faculty will participate through their students and postdocs.  Faculty may be named on posters, but students must be /first author and submit it.

We will select 3 “finalists” in each of the categories. We will have two separate tracks: postdocs/graduate and undergraduate students.

Three finalists in each Postdoc/ Grad & UG category and ultimately one winner for each:

e.g.        Physical & Environmental Sciences- 3 Grad/Post doc finalists -> 1 Graduate/Post doc winner

Physical & Environmental Sciences- 3 Undergraduate finalist -> 1 UG winner


Research Award Categories

Physical & Environmental Sciences


Biosciences & Health

Humanities, Social, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences

Law, Business, Policy, & Education

Translational & Applied Research

Performing & Fine Arts & Architecture


All submissions will be on the VPR website.  After the judging session on Friday, May 3rd  all the posters will be on view in the Rotunda for the entire week of May 3-12, 2012, so that thousands of visitors can view them.


If your poster is chosen as a finalist you must to attend the judging poster session on May 3rd  and entertain discussion/questions from the “judging committee”. Each presenter will give a 1 min summary of their project to President Sullivan. This session is open to the public and we encourage you to attend even if your poster is not selected as a finalist.  All posters will be featured on the poster website. The previous posters are all available on the website.


PRIZES:  $500 travel funds to each winner. These funds will be transferred to a PTAEO in your home department to be spent on travel within the next 12 months. If the winner is graduating or leaving the university they are still eligible to receive the funds as scholarly travel reimbursement/fees.  If the winner does not want to use the funds they may elect to leave the funds for the department to use for scholarly travel of another person.  Funds must be spent or returned to the VPR office by May 31, 2014.


Posters due in PDF format by March 18, 2012, uploaded to the website:


Finalists will have poster presentations with President Sullivan & prizes awarded on May 3, 2013.

7 Survival Skills for Engineering Majors

Check out this useful advice from the Knovel blog:

And ask a librarian about the Knovel Library of online reference books, data and information!

Honor Committee Roundtable Discussion

The University of Virginia Honor Committee is excited to announce a unique opportunity to engage in a frank conversation about our Community of Trust.  Tuesday, September 11th at 3:30 p.m., the Committee will host a roundtable discussion in Old Cabell Hall that will include Teresa Sullivan, President of the University; George Cohen, Chair of the Faculty Senate; Michael Levenson, William B. Christian Professor of English; Hillary Hurd, Student Member of the Board of Visitors; and moderated by Allen Groves, Dean of Students.  We will pose some of the community’s questions to our roundtable speakers and let them weigh in on important challenges facing our Community.

If you would like to attend, please e-mail me at You can also submit a question by going to our website. If you are teaching a class during this time and would like to bring your class, please contact me and we can reserve tickets for you and your class.
We are looking forward to engaging with you throughout the course of the year, and we hope to see you at this event during this important time in our University’s history.

Stephen Nash
Honor Committee, Chair

Knovel for Students Webinar

From Principles to Application, Knovel Has the Answers Students Need

Knovel provides answers for students across all disciplines and is used to find technical information, solve design problems, improve processes, validate assumptions and much more.

You are invited to this free training session.  You’ll learn:

  • Learn to browse and search 28 subject areas
  • Familiarize yourself with Knovel’s interactive tools
  • Participate in a Q&A session with our training team

Join us for a 45 minute webinar on March 19 at 11AM EDT.

Register here.

Graduate Student Research Skills Seminar Archive

For those who are unable to attend the UVa SEAS graduate student research skills seminars, recordings have been made, and they are now available.  They may be retrieved from the UVA Collab site SEAS_Seminars.

To join the SEAS_Seminars site, follow these steps:

  1. On your My Workspace tab within UVA Collab, click on Membership in the left menu.
  2. Then, near the top of this membership page, click Joinable Sites.
  3. Use the Search field on the right side of the page to enter SEAS_Seminars. Be sure to click the Search button (the Search function will not work in Internet Explorer if you press the Enter key to submit the search command-you must click the Search button).
  4. Click the Join button directly under the workgroup names. The new site tab will appear in the site tab bar or under your My Active Sites tab. You may need to refresh your browser to force the display of the new site tab.

The seminar materials are in the site’s Resources folder.  Note, to view the seminar recording, you may need to first install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your browser.  After plug-in installation, you may need to restart your browser.

STAY WITH IT Webcast — Apple IPAD Raffle

To:      U.S. Engineering Students

From:  Carolyn Vallas, Assistant Dean & Director of the Center for Diversity in Engineering

Re:      STAY WITH IT and the Day of Engineering Facebook Live Webcast March 14th, 3-4 pm, Thornton Hall A-119 & A-120, University of Virginia, Raffle to Immediately follow!

STAY WITH IT is a national student outreach program focused on helping current engineering students like yourself, to stay with the field of study, graduate and start a successful career in engineering. This campaign centers around building a virtual community that will connect you to your peers, experienced engineers, role models and other influencers who will encourage and motivate you to STAY WITH IT.

The STAY WITH IT campaign officially launches on March 14, 2012 with a “Day of Engineering”. The Day of Engineering is a national pep rally designed to promote and build enthusiasm for this new national community for students.  A portion of the day will be broadcast via a Facebook Live webcast and will feature a panel discussion with corporate leaders and successful engineers, who will talk about the variety of opportunities available to those with an engineering degree, and their own personal stories how they were able to STAY WITH IT.

Join STAY WITH IT – “Like” our Facebook page, and begin building a national network of fellow student engineers, learn from the success of others, and share your own experiences.  Starting March 7th, you can sign up to view the Facebook Live webcast on March 14th. The webcast may be viewed real-time or afterwards via the posted recording.

This is an unprecedented collaboration between the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, corporate leaders and academia to help engineering students in the U.S. to STAY WITH IT. We look forward to you benefiting from STAY WITH IT and taking part in our Facebook Live webcast on March 14th.



INTEL and the School of Engineering & Applied Science are  partnering to sponsor this

STAY WITH IT — Day of ENGINEERING Webcast. Please join us!

English as a Second Language

Speak! Language Center, near UVA, offers

for International Postdocs, Scholars and Professionals


  • Communicate effectively with colleagues–describe processes, defend ideas
  • Be prepared to write proposals and papers–reinforce complex grammar
  • Be confident at interviews and seminars–improve pronunciation
  • Understand cultural differences–practice spontaneous responses

UVA employees and most Postdoctoral and Research Fellows are eligible to apply annual education benefits to language training at Speak!

For more information about INDIVIDUALIZED ESL, contact Paula Levine or visit the Speak! website at:  http://speaklanguagecenter.

Designing Conference Posters

In a previous life, Colin Purrington taught evolutionary biology at Hudson
University for fourteen years. Today, he engages in a wide range of
pursuits, including offering high-quality tips on designing conference
posters. He bills his suggestions as “gratuitous advice on how to prepare
posters for scientific meetings, research conferences, and similar gathering
of nerds.” His humorous tone belies a distinct commitment to this area of
visual representation, and his suggestions are contained with three areas:
“What sections to include”, “Dos and DON’Ts”, and “Presenting your poster”.
Visitors can skip around to any of these suggestions, and they will find
Purrington’s style both down-to-earth and practical. The information here
includes sample posters and basic suggestions about what information to
include on such a poster. One area not to miss is “Making sure your poster
doesn’t suck”, which recommends that potential poster-presenters have their
friends look at their work when they aren’t present and stick post-it notes
with suggestions on said poster. Overall, this is a great site, and one
that’s worth sharing with friends and colleagues. [KMG]

Reposted from the Nov. 11, 2011 Scout Report.

THATCampVA 2012

Application Deadline: Thursday, March 1

Unconference Dates:

Friday, April 20
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 21
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Scholars’ Lab
Alderman Library

THATCampVA 2012 will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 20-21, 2012. Friday will open at 3:00 with your choice of two-hour workshops, one focusing on DIY Aerial Photography and the other on the newly-launched Neatline.  And then on Saturday the THATCampVA unconference itself, with sessions generated by the participants, will be held 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Opportunities for social time with friends old and new will be available on Friday night, April 20, at nearby establishments.

Please visit our THATCampVA 2012 website for more information and to register to attend.

Virginia Space Grant Consortium Scholarships

Virginia Space Grant Consortium Announces (VSGC) 2012–2013 Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities!  Visit for more info.

VSGC awards over $325,000 in scholarships and fellowships to students attending Virginia Space Grant member institutions and majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) field.  Research proposals from students majoring in any STEM field and working on a project that supports NASA’s mission are welcomed.  VSGC can assist students and faculty in identifying research projects and connecting to NASA.

The Undergraduate STEM Research Scholarship Program provides a one-year scholarship of up to $8,500 to support undergraduate students actively engaged in a research project with a faculty mentor.

The Graduate STEM Research Fellowship Program provides $5,000 in support to graduate students actively engaged in a research project with a faculty mentor.  The Graduate Fellowship is add-on support for students and is renewable for one year.

The Community College STEM Scholarship Program provides $2,000 scholarships to students attending any Virginia Community College and majoring in STEM.

The Teacher Education STEM Scholarship Program provides $1,000 awards to students majoring in a teacher education preparation program and demonstrating an interest in teaching in a STEM field.   Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

The VSGC is especially seeking applications from underrepresented minorities, females, and persons with disabilities.

For more info, please contact Nick Koltun, VSGC Educational Programs Specialist at or (757) 766-5210.

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