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RideForward Final Design Presentations

The RideForward program has an annual project of designing and converting a conventional vehicle to electric drive, and installing a photovoltaic system (PV) that will offset the electrical requirements of the vehicle.  This year, we are converting a Ford Ranger pickup that Facilities Management was retiring (which will be returned to Facilities when it is converted), and we are putting up a 1.2 kW PV system on the roof of the bus shelter in front of the Emmet Ivy parking garage.  We have finished our designs and ordered our parts, which will be assembled during the spring semester.  We will be doing presentations of the final designs for the drive train, auxiliary systems, energy storage, the PV, and a small research project of a golf cart conversion, this Wednesday, 12/9, at 2:30 in Thornton D221.

 All are welcome.

 Jim Durand
MAE Research Associate & Adjunct

The following is reposted from the Scout Report for December 4, 2009:

Wading through the tremendous online resource that is the BioMed archive can be a bit tricky at times. This process just got much easier through the creation of the BioMedSearch feature. The goal of this work is “to make these important works available to the community in a way that is fast and easy, while still offering the advanced features demanded by power users such as portfolios, collaboration features, bibliographical citation export, alerts, and more.”  Their search engine contains all of the data in Pub Med/Medline, along with additional full-text documents, and a large database of theses and dissertations. Many users will find the “Clusters” section of the site most useful. Here, visitors can view “clusters” of documents grouped together thematically into topics such as clinical trials, exercises, diet and cholesterol, and medical imagining. The homepage contains a basic search engine, and visitors may also wish to use the “Search Tutorial” to gain a better understanding of how best to use the archive.

This research tool will be particularly useful for biomedical engineers.  Access BioMedSearch at

Reports from the Congressional Research Service

The following is reposted from the Scout Report for December 4, 2009:

Open Congressional Research Reports for the People

 Each year, the American taxpayers provide $100 million for the operating costs of the Congressional Research Service. The Service crafts hundreds of timely research papers and reports, but they can be hard to locate. The Open Congressional Research Reports (OPEN CRS) initiative makes this process much easier. The initiative is a project of the Center for Democracy & Technology, and they work with partner organizations such as the National Library for the Environment and the Thurgood Marshall Law Library. On their homepage, visitors can view the “Recent Reports”, which include reports dealing with federal employee’s retirement system and Medicaid. Visitors can also use the search engine to look for reports of particular interest, and they may also sign up for their RSS feed as well. Finally, visitors can also look through their “Featured Report Collections” area. 

You can visit the OPEN CRS site at  Searching for “engineering” as a report keyword should turn up many reports dealing with engineering topics.  You can, of course, search for other topics as well.

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