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Early Notice: Research Data and Technology Fair

You are invited to the UVa Health Sciences Library’s Research Data and Technology Fair on Friday October 25th in Jordan Hall Conference Center.

Two nationally known speakers will explore Big Data and its impact on biomedical research.  The half-day event will also include exhibitors from UVa research and data service providers, innovative initiatives at UVa, and free lunch!  See our full agenda.

The Fair’s events include:

Keynote speakers Atul Butte, MD, PhD, Stanford University, and Michael Huerta, PhD, NIH’s Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K):

“Translating a trillion points of data into therapies, diagnostics, and new insights into disease”

Dr. Butte, a bioinformatician and pediatric endocrinologist, will highlight his lab’s work on using publicly-available molecular measurements to find new uses for drugs including drug repositioning for inflammatory bowel disease, discovering new treatable inflammatory mechanisms of disease in type 2 diabetes, and the evaluation of patients presenting with whole genomes sequenced.

“Exa, Zetta, Yotta: More Data – More Progress”

Dr. Huerta will provide an overview and status report of the NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative, including: findings from a series of recently held workshops, synopses of funding opportunities and a vision of the manner in which BD2K will affect the scientific landscape in biomedicine.

Refreshments with UVa research and data support services:  Discover what is available to you as a researcher by visiting with our UVa exhibitors.  Find out about statistical consulting services, technology-enabled learning spaces, data visualization, bioinformatics resources, and new tools and services to help you navigate the research landscape on Grounds.

Innovations Panel:  Hear from UVa faculty about how innovations in technology and collaboration are impacting biomedical research at UVa.

For a full agenda, speaker information, list of exhibitors, and registration information, visit the Fair web site at

Research Data Services at UVa

The University of Virginia Library has a growing suite of Research Data Services to benefit faculty and student researchers throughout the UVa community. This fall, we’re hosting weekly Data Services Open Office Hours in Bavaro Hall and StatLab Open Office Hours in Alderman. Come by and ask us questions!


In Bavaro Hall 306 (the Curry Library and Innovation Commons), you can find:


  • Mondays, 1-3: Statistical consulting with StatLab — StatLab provides advice and training on data analysis and the use of statistical software (for more, see
  • Tuesdays, 1-3: Metadata management — Metadata services consults with researchers on issues related to information organization, including arranging data, describing data, and choosing metadata scheme or developing controlled vocabularies. If you’re planning a new collection or preparing to archive a collection, metadata management can help.
  • Wednesdays, 1-4: Research computing support (ITS) — Research computing support assists with the licensing, distribution and use of research-related software (e.g., statistical and mathematical software, see for more)
  • Thursdays, 2-4: Data management consulting — The data management consultants help researchers develop data management plans, provide guidance on data workflows for research projects (e.g., file formatting and organization, security and storage), and advise on data sharing and archiving (e.g., data policies, data documentation)


StatLab Hours: Tuesdays through Fridays, 1-3 In Alderman 523 — Statistical consultants will be available to talk with you about your data analytic challenges


And if the day’s Open Office Hours host can’t answer your question, they’ll direct you to someone who can.


See you this fall,


Michele Claibourn
Lead, Research Data Services & Head of StatLab
University of Virginia Library
(434)  924-DATA

Memory Technology Scaling and Big Data

SPEAKER:                 Hillery Hunter

TOPIC:                       Can We Really Have That Many Bits? Memory Technology Scaling As It Collides With The Big Data Era

DATE:                        Wednesday, October 24

TIME:                         2:00 p.m. (Light refreshments after the seminar – Rice Hall 4th floor atrium)

PLACE:                      Rice Hall Auditorium (Room 130), University of Virginia

Abstract:  As computer architecture and system design move past the initial phases of the multi-core and virtualization eras, another hurdle is arising: Big Data.  Driven by ubiquitous data generation, from our smart phones and social media postings to security cameras and traffic sensors, Big Data means not just having but also analyzing large amounts of information.  The workloads of this new era will add stress to the main memory system, right around the time that technology scaling encounters new hurdles.  The “End of Scaling” has been declared numerous times — is this time any different?  From the lens of Big Data, this talk will take a look at memory technology scalability, discuss the opportunities of 3D stacking and new memory technologies, highlight key server requirements, and pose important areas for research in the coming era.

Bio: Hillery Hunter is the Systems Memory Strategist and Manager of the Systems Technology and Architecture Department at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY.  Her current work focuses on integrated approaches to solving the memory challenges of future computing systems.

Data Management Planning

  • Submitting a grant proposal in the near future?  Need a data management plan?  The Scientific Data Consulting Group consults with researchers on technical and policy aspects and how to make your plan meet both funder requirements and the UVA research environment.  Details here:
  • Scientific data consultants Andrew Sallans and Sherry Lake will be offering a session on “Managing Research Data Along the Graduate Student Lifecycle” in a SEAS Research Skills session, currently planned for Wednesday, Sept. 12, 5pm, Rice Hall Auditorium.
  • Complementing the SEAS Research Skills session, the Scientific Data Consulting Group and Graduate Studies unit of the Office of the Vice President for Research are planning to launch a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) graduate student data management portal by mid-September.  This portal will aim to serve as a place to promote best practices for managing research data and for sharing of experiences and solutions across the graduate student community at UVA.  Stay tuned!

Questions?  Let me know.

Andrew Sallans
Head, Strategic Data Initiatives and the Scientific Data Consulting Group
Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library
University of Virginia

Join me in Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow on Twitter (asallans)

Data Management Day

When: Thursday, April 12 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: Curry Library Innovation Commons (the CLIC),Curry School of Education, 3rd Floor, Ruffner Hall

The University of  Virginia Library’s Scientific Data Consulting Group is pleased to offer Data Management Day as a means to discuss research data issues and institutional initiatives aimed at addressing them. We hope that the day’s events increase awareness of data management issues and serve as a forum to discuss solutions and best practices for data management across the entire research life cycle. We have carefully developed an agenda that will appeal to researchers, graduate students, librarians and support personnel.

In order to foster broader information sharing and collaboration with our peer institutions, we have invited librarians and support providers from other Virginia institutions to attend in person, or participate via a video teleconferencing broadcast across the 4VA network. .

As speakers confirm their availability, we will continue to update the schedule. If you would like more information, please contact Sherry Lake at

Keynote Speaker: Alberto Conti
Innovation Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute (

See for full schedule of events.

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