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Database of the Week: ACS Publications

The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society provides the worldwide scientific community with a comprehensive collection of the most cited peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences.  In addition to 34 research journals, the society also publishes the premier weekly newsmagazine of the chemical enterprise, Chemical & Engineering News.  With the ACS Journal Archives, ACS Publications provides searchable access to over 130 years of original research in chemistry, including more than 750,000 articles dating back to the inaugural volume of the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 1879.

The peer-reviewed journals of ACS publish cutting-edge articles across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines—agricultural science, biotechnology, analytical chemistry, applied chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, chemical biology, chemical engineering, computer science, crystallography, energy and fuels, food science, environmental science, inorganic and nuclear chemistry, material science, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacology, physical chemistry, plant sciences, polymer science, and toxicology.

You can learn more about this database from its About Us page or begin searching the database at ACS Publications.

The ACS Publications Database is one of many information resources brought to you by the Brown Science and Engineering Library!  Ask for a demonstration of this database or about other resources that can help you work faster, smarter and better!

(Use of this database from this address restricted to University of Virginia users only.  Please contact a librarian for assistance, if you are having trouble connecting.)

Sustainable Energy Future Speaker Series

A Strategic Perspective on the “Biology” of Smart Grid by Clement Chen

Smart grid is commonly viewed as the “internetization” of the electric power system that promises to help enable a sustainable energy future.  The question that is not often asked is what happens when millions of new entities join the grid as “micro” utilities and start interacting with an infrastructure that is becoming highly networked with ever-increasing automation.  This trend points to an environment that may become increasingly “biological” and lend itself to unintended consequences.

This talk will occur on Friday October 9, 2009 at 3 PM in room 205 of the Mechanical Engineering Building.  The event is free and everyone is invited to attend.  Refreshments will be served.

Biotechnology Demystified

The Knovel Library contains hundreds of full-text online resources in a wide variety of science and engineering disciplines, as well as innovative research and analysis tools for using them. Here is one of the latest items to appear in the Knovel Library:


Basic Concepts in Biochemistry – A Student’s Survival Guide (2nd Edition)
Publisher: McGraw – Hill

Description: This second edition of Basic Concepts continues to innovatively review the toughest concepts in biochemistry for maximum comprehension in a short period of time. Unlike conventional texts or review books that stress memorizing facts, this book stresses the mastering of fundamental concepts, so that the reader truly comprehends the material and feels comfortable applying it.  The book uses simple, jargon-free language and award-winning teaching techniques including algorithms, mnemonics and clinical examples.

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