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Picky about Trash

Robot Sorts Plastic Recyclables From Trash.

The Daily Telegraph (UK) (3/2, Demetriou) reported on a “device, created by Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Corp and Osaka University researchers, [that] identifies different plastic materials among rubbish and sorts them into piles.” The robot “uses five laser beams and sensors to detect a range of different plastics for recycling purposes.” Plastic recycling in Japan is comparatively limited, and the new device “aims to boost plastic recycling levels by identifying six different types of plastics that can be recycled and sorted from general rubbish collections.”

Reposted from the March 3, 2010 ASEE First Bell.

The Fun Theory

Is it possible to change people’s behavior for the better by making something fun?  Take a look at The Fun Theory site and judge for yourself — it might just be fun!  This site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.  Be it for yourself, for the environment, or something entirely different, just so long as it’s change for the better.  Current examples include:

  • Bottle Bank Arcade Machine
  • Piano Staircase
  • World’s Deepest Trash Bin

And between now and November 15th you can enter The Fun Theory competition to submit YOUR fun, behavior-changing idea — and possibly win 2,500 euros!  See The Fun Theory Award web page for details and entry form.

Have fun!

Waste Not, Want Not

The Waste Online web page provides information about all kinds of waste, rubbish, trash, garbage or what-have-you.  Check out their information sheets on various kinds of waste materials and how to recycle them.  Although the site provides a fairly comprehensive overview of all kinds of waste and recycling options, keep in mind its British point of view (e.g. variant spelling and terminology) and that the documents it aggregates are maintained (or not) by their respective authors and may not always be entirely current.

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