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Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Japanese Researchers Develop Robotic Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs.

Popular Science (10/17, Boyle) reports, “Wheels are the most efficient way to get around, but they can’t take you everywhere.” A “new robotic wheelchair designed in Japan can go almost anywhere, however–it can swivel its axles up and down to climb up stairs, onto curbs or over obstacles.” Popular Science explains, “All the user has to do is move a joystick to point it in the desired direction, and the robo-chair figures out what to do. Sensors on its feet detect the distance to nearby obstacles and determine their size. The chair will stabilize itself in the best position to hoist one of its front wheels, like a rider straddling a horse.”

Reposted from the 10/17/12 ASEE First Bell.

Off-Road Wheelchair

Michigan Tech Students Develop Prototype Off-Road Wheelchair.

The AP (12/21) reports on the prototype Human-Powered Off-Road Wheelchair, developed by engineering students at Michigan Technological University to make the trails around the school more handicapped accessible. “The operator pulls back on the handlebars in a rowing motion to propel it at up to 4 miles per hour.” The AP describes the wheelchair’s design and some of the challenges the students encountered over the course of the project, which took about 140 hours of work from each student. Among the wheelchair’s features are “one-way bearings for zero rollback, a total weight of 55 pounds, a consistent color scheme for aesthetics, a suspension seat to minimize pressure points (and) the ability to accommodate a range of heights.”

Reposted from ASEE First Bell for 12/21/09

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