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Audience Response Systems

The UVa Mobile Networking Community presents its first event of the school year.  Next Thursday 27 OCT, we will be hosting a forum on Audience Response Systems in Clemons Library 201 from 12:30 – 1:45.  Technologies presented at this event are used to engage students and audiences as well as enhance the educational experience through the implementation of mobile devices, social networking and networked feedback.  Our 4 presenters represent a rich cross-section of educational fields in technology, arts, humanities, and sciences and will discuss specific instances of how they are applying these types of technologies to the teaching and learning experience.

Panel Chair: Michael McPherson
VP and CIO with UVA’s Information Technology Services (ITS)
will provide an overview of the industry and currently available technology solutions for gathering information from audiences.

Panelist: Marianne Kubik
Drama Department
will discuss using a polling solution to engage audiences before a performance of “dark play or stories for boys.”

Panelist: Sonya Donaldson
English Department
will discuss exploring the use of social networking tools (Twitter, Gowalla, and others) to engage students in the classroom.

Panelist: Ed Murphy
Astronomy Department
will discuss using clickers in teaching science to non-science majors in large lecture sections, with an emphasis on using them to reveal and address common misconceptions.

Building on our forum series of the past two years, the Mobile Networking Community is concerned with providing the UVA community with information about how mobile technologies are affecting our professional and personal lives, whether you are simply interested in mobile technologies or can’t survive without them, own an iPhone, Android or whatever, and whether you love to use apps or develop code for them. This event is open to all and promises to continue to spark your interests in mobile technologies in your workflow.  So bring your curiosity, interests, questions and comments to Clemons next Thursday.
Light snacks provided as well.

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