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X-Ray Vision… Almost

Device To Allow US Troops To See Through Walls.

The Wired (2/2, Pierce) “Danger Room” blog reported, “Later this year, American troops fighting in Afghanistan will begin to get gadgets designed to peer inside buildings and detect the heartbeat of people buried under rubble.” The TiaLinx Eagle Scanner works “by sending out low-power, wideband radio-frequency signals toward a target, and measuring how the signals bounce back.” Popular Science (2/3, Fox) reports, “By measuring the various densities of the materials its radio waves pass through, these hand-held scanners can look through concrete.” According to the company, “the models deploying with the troops to Afghanistan can see up to 20 feet behind an eight-inch-thick concrete wall, and identify whether or not there are any people on the other side.” It also features a wireless connection, “and send images back to HQ immediately.

Reposted from the February 3, 2010 ASEE First Bell.

Info Tool of the Week: Interlibrary Services

The combined libraries of the University of Virginia contain over 5 million items — but, unfortunately, we can’t own everything!  During the course of your research you will sometimes need a book, journal article or other item not available at UVa.  When this happens, it’s time to turn to Interlibrary Services!

Interlibrary Services or ILS  provides loans of non-UVa materials from libraries worldwide for University of Virginia faculty, students and staff.  Materials that you may borrow from other universities worldwide are articles, books, dissertations, government documents, technical reports, patents and newspapers on microform.  In some cases videos and sound recordings are also available. Response time is usually 3 – 10 working days and the service is typically free.

Before using ILS for the first time you will need to register with the system.  You may do this at the ILS logon screen or from within VIRGO under the “Requests” tab.  Once you have registered with the system you will be able to make requests, see records and status of requested items, and perform other tasks related to interlibrary loans.  Please see the ILS Borrowing Information page for more information and instructions.

Interlibrary Services also operates the LEO delivery system for faculty and Instructional Scanning Services for faculty.  You may learn more about these services from the ILS Home Page.

So the next time you need a book or article not at UVa don’t despair – contact ILS instead!

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