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Back Seat Big Brother?

Nissan, EPFL Researchers Developing Technology That Would Allow Cars To Anticipate Drivers’ Next Moves.

AFP (9/29) reports, “Nissan and a Swiss university are developing cars that scan the driver’s thoughts and prepares the vehicle for the next move.”

Popular Science (9/29, Boyle) reports, “Using environmental and biometric indicators, cars will prepare themselves for an upcoming task the driver already has in mind, maybe slowing down to ready for a turn, or changing lanes in anticipation of a highway exit.” Popular Science reports, “It will use sensors embedded in the car, as well as brain activity and eye movement patterns, to anticipate what’s about to happen.” Swiss researchers said “their new system also uses statistical analysis to predict a driver’s intentions. It would conceivably work faster, so the car would know you’re thinking ‘turn left’ before you actually start actively thinking it.”

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Overcoming Test Anxiety

University Of Chicago Researchers Find Writing About Test Anxiety May Improve Grades.

The AP (1/14, Blankinship) reports that a new study by University of Chicago researchers found that “a simple writing exercise can relieve students of test anxiety and may help them get better scores than their less anxious classmates.” University of Chicago associate professor of psychology Sian L. Beilock and co-author Gerardo Ramirez, a graduate student, “found that students who were prone to test anxiety improved their test grades by nearly one grade point – from a B-minus to a B-plus, for example – if they were given 10 minutes before an exam to write about their feelings.” The two “believe worrying competes for computing power in the brain’s ‘working,’ or short-term memory.” The idea to test the theory came “from the use of writing to combat depression.”

Reposted from the 1/14/11 ASEE First Bell

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