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Cooperative Patent Classification System

The USPTO and EPO have released the new Cooperative Patent Classification system ahead of the January 1, 2013 implementation date.  (The USPTO will phase in the CPC over the next couple of years.)  Details are available at the CPC website.  Documentation includes the entire CPC scheme, an initial set of definitions and CPC concordances.

There’s also the inaugural issue of the CPC News newsletter.

The EPO has started to integrate some of the USPTO cross-reference art collections and digest into Espacenet.

(The above reposted from the ASEE Engineering Libraries listserv, 10/3/2012)

Madelyn Wessel: Faculty Brown Bag Lunch

Madelyn Wessel: Faculty Brown Bag Lunch
Tuesday, March 20
Scholars’ Lab Classroom

Alderman Library, 4th Floor

Madelyn Wessel

UVa Associate University Counsel

Madelyn Wessel hosts a lunch time workshop and discussion especially for U.Va. faculty. You bring your lunch and your questions, and we’ll provide the drinks and cookies.  This workshop will be geared specifically towards copyright, IP, and patent concerns that UVa faculty may have.

Self-Lacing Sneakers

The following is reposted from the August 27, 2010 ASEE First Bell:

Taking Cue From Marty McFly, Nike Patents Self-Lacing Sneaker.

The Wired (8/26, Sorrel) “Gadget Lab” blog reports, “Nike has actually patented a self-lacing sneaker” similar to “Marty McFly’s amazing self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future 2.” While the existence of the patent “is mind-bending enough…pretty much everything has made it in. The shoes will of course fasten themselves, but there are also LEDs a-glowing and a detailed breakdown of the batteries, circuits and control-systems. There is even a charging stand.” Wired includes a link to the patent.

Popular Science (8/27, Dillow) reports that the “cinching straps” in the shoes “work by concealing a tiny battery-driven motor in the heel, though the plans don’t specify the exact mechanism by which the wearer will signal the shoes to tighten up (the words ‘button,’ ‘switch,’ and ‘weight sensor’ are all buried in the text). It also leaves the door open for a variety of self-lacing gear, including ‘skates, boots, ski boots, snowboarding boots, cycling shoes, formal shoes, slippers or any other kind of footwear.'”

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