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STS Colloquium Series

Department of Science, Technology and Society
Fall 2009 Colloquium Series

Speaker:   Arne Kaijser, Professor of Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
Title:   Technology and the Making of Contemporary Europe: Learning from the Tensions of Europe Project 
Date:   Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Time:   3:30 – 5:00 PM
Location:   Rodman Room (A207), Thornton Hall

Arne Kaijser will describe the Tensions of Europe project, a collaborative undertaking that explores ways to study transnational European history with a focus on the role of technology as a force of change.  Kaisjer will also tell us about his current research on the development of a European gas grid and the export of Soviet gas to Western Europe during the Cold War.

Brief Bio:
Arne Kaijser is a professor of History of Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and the current president of the Society for the History of Technology.  Kaijser has written extensively about the history of large technological systems, with specific projects on energy and information technology.   He is also a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Urban Technology and Centaurus.

Lighter than Air

The Knovel Library contains hundreds of full-text online resources in a wide variety of science and engineering disciplines, as well as innovative research and analysis tools for using them. Here is one of the latest items to appear in the Knovel Library:

Alternative Fuels – The Future of Hydrogen (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Fairmont Press, Inc
Subject Area: Sustainable Energy and Development

Description: The Second Edition of this pioneering work addresses emerging factors affecting energy production and use, including the availability and desirability of various fuels.  The text provides extensive discussion on hydrogen sources, both solar and nuclear, and fuel cell technology, as well as on other alternative fuels such as biomass, and wind power.   The book delves into cost analysis, regulatory issues, barriers to implementation, conversion and storage systems, thermodynamic efficiency, fuel chain efficiency, air emission issues, and safety.  The book also covers natural gas, hydrogen gas, methanol, ethanol, and steam reforming.

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