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Pew Scholars Internal RFP

Pew Scholars Internal RFP

Pew Scholars Program aim:  Candidates should demonstrate outstanding promise as contributors in science relevant to human health.  Strong proposals will incorporate particularly creative and innovative approaches.  Candidates whose work is based on biomedical principles, but brings in concepts and theories from more diverse fields, are encouraged to apply.  Risk-taking is encouraged.  The University of Virginia can nominate one candidate.  For program details see:

Eligibility:  As of 1 November 2012 candidates must hold full-time appointments at the rank of assistant professor or equivalent.  On 1 July 2013 they must not have been in such as appointment for more that three years.

Internal application package:  3-page research narrative that describes (1) research accomplishments to date; (2) three-year project proposed to Searle; (3) long-term research goals.  Chair’s nomination letter.  Names of 3 external references who can—if asked—provide letters.  2-page PI, with additional page listing research funding.

Pew deadline:  1 November 2012.

Internal deadline:  Send internal application package in PDF format to Jeffrey Plank and Meg Harris, by 24 August  4 September at 4:00 pm.

Review and notification:  Review, the week of 13 September; notification, by 17 September.

Questions?  Contact Jeffrey Plank, 4-6901 or

APPA Student Research Grants/Internships

FROM:             Michele Suddleson, DEED Program Manager, American Public Power Association

It is my pleasure to inform you that the American Public Power Association (APPA) awards student research grants/internships each year to university students as part of its Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Program.  APPA is the service organization for the nation’s community-owned electric utilities.  DEED is APPA’s research program that funds innovative, energy related research.

Please assist us in notifying your students about our opportunities by posting copies of our student flyer in prominent locations at your university, sending out on appropriate university list servers, and providing copies of the notice to your university’s student financial aid office.  Below is a brief synopsis of the scholarships we offer.

Ten  $4,000 Student Research Grants/Internships

Ten $4,000 student research grants/internships are awarded each year to undergraduate/graduate university students to conduct research on a project/internship in conjunction with a DEED member utility or as part of the students’ curriculum requirements if approved by a DEED member.  A mid-project report, final report, and abstract are required.  A sample Grant/Internship application can be found here.

Annual Application Deadlines: February 15 and October 15

One $5,000 Technical Design Project (Research Grant)

DEED awards one Technical Design Project each year to a student or group of students studying in an energy related discipline.  This grant is geared towards engineering students working on their senior project.  The student(s) academic advisor must approve the project and a mid-project report, final report, and abstract are required.  Travel expenses (up to $3,000) are also included in this grant for the student(s) to present their work at APPA’s Engineering and Operations Technical Conference held each spring.  A sample Technical Design Project application can be found here.

Annual Application Deadline:  October 15

Applications offered here are only to be used as a sample of the questions and information that will be required as we are launching a on-line application process January 3, 2012.

For more information connect to DEED’s scholarship information on APPA’s DEED website, or contact DEED program staff at 202-467-2960 or


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