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The Knovel University Challenge

The Knovel University Challenge Starts 9/10/2012!

What to expect:
More questions, more prizes, and many more opportunities for engineering and science students to hone critical information gathering and analytical skills. Each week, we’ll highlight a specific function in Knovel that engineers in the workplace say helps them get the job done!

What’s new this year?
We’re introducing new questions every week, so there are even more opportunities for students to play and win great prizes like the new Apple iPad, Beats Audio earphones (valued at $150 each) and more! We’ll also randomly select a grand prize winner and the contest-within-the-contest prize goes to the schools with the highest number of participating students.

How to Play:
Students can simply visit our webpage: and use the search box to search Knovel for the answers.

We had a great 2011 season and look forward to your help making this an even bigger Back-to- School event.

Honor Committee Roundtable Discussion

The University of Virginia Honor Committee is excited to announce a unique opportunity to engage in a frank conversation about our Community of Trust.  Tuesday, September 11th at 3:30 p.m., the Committee will host a roundtable discussion in Old Cabell Hall that will include Teresa Sullivan, President of the University; George Cohen, Chair of the Faculty Senate; Michael Levenson, William B. Christian Professor of English; Hillary Hurd, Student Member of the Board of Visitors; and moderated by Allen Groves, Dean of Students.  We will pose some of the community’s questions to our roundtable speakers and let them weigh in on important challenges facing our Community.

If you would like to attend, please e-mail me at You can also submit a question by going to our website. If you are teaching a class during this time and would like to bring your class, please contact me and we can reserve tickets for you and your class.
We are looking forward to engaging with you throughout the course of the year, and we hope to see you at this event during this important time in our University’s history.

Stephen Nash
Honor Committee, Chair

GIS Workshop: Making Your First Map

Wednesday, September 12
1:00 – 2:00pm
Campbell Hall, Room 105

Session repeats on
Thursday, September 13
3:00 – 4:00pm
Adlerman Library, Room 421 (New Electronic classroom)

Getting started with new software can be intimidating. This workshop introduces the skills you need to work with spatial goodness. Along the way you’ll get a taste of Earth’s most popular geographic software and a gentle introduction to map making. You’ll leave with your own cartographic masterpiece and tips for learning more in your pursuit of mappiness at UVa.
Sponsored by the Scholars’ Lab in Alderman Library at the University of Virginia.

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