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STAY WITH IT Webcast — Apple IPAD Raffle

To:      U.S. Engineering Students

From:  Carolyn Vallas, Assistant Dean & Director of the Center for Diversity in Engineering

Re:      STAY WITH IT and the Day of Engineering Facebook Live Webcast March 14th, 3-4 pm, Thornton Hall A-119 & A-120, University of Virginia, Raffle to Immediately follow!

STAY WITH IT is a national student outreach program focused on helping current engineering students like yourself, to stay with the field of study, graduate and start a successful career in engineering. This campaign centers around building a virtual community that will connect you to your peers, experienced engineers, role models and other influencers who will encourage and motivate you to STAY WITH IT.

The STAY WITH IT campaign officially launches on March 14, 2012 with a “Day of Engineering”. The Day of Engineering is a national pep rally designed to promote and build enthusiasm for this new national community for students.  A portion of the day will be broadcast via a Facebook Live webcast and will feature a panel discussion with corporate leaders and successful engineers, who will talk about the variety of opportunities available to those with an engineering degree, and their own personal stories how they were able to STAY WITH IT.

Join STAY WITH IT – “Like” our Facebook page, and begin building a national network of fellow student engineers, learn from the success of others, and share your own experiences.  Starting March 7th, you can sign up to view the Facebook Live webcast on March 14th. The webcast may be viewed real-time or afterwards via the posted recording.

This is an unprecedented collaboration between the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, corporate leaders and academia to help engineering students in the U.S. to STAY WITH IT. We look forward to you benefiting from STAY WITH IT and taking part in our Facebook Live webcast on March 14th.



INTEL and the School of Engineering & Applied Science are  partnering to sponsor this

STAY WITH IT — Day of ENGINEERING Webcast. Please join us!

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