GIS Day Coming Up

In honor of GIS Day, the Scholars’ Lab would like to invite you to participate in our celebration on November 16th.

Starting at 1:30PM, there will be a round of lightning talks followed by the cutting of the GIS Day cake.  We encourage everyone, including students (UVa, PVCC and high school), in the Charlottesville GIS community to participate.  If you have never seen lightning round talks, they can be pretty entertaining: a rapid fire succession of speakers given a set, short amount of time and PowerPoint slides.  At last year’s round in the Scholars’ Lab, we had twenty speakers in one hour giving a powerful message by showing the breadth of disciplines and fields in which GIS is used.

In this year’s round, each speaker will be given five minutes with a maximum of ten slides.  It is a fairly easy task to create and give a lighting round talk (assuming you can deal with time constraints).  Help make this year’s event special by participating in the talks.  You can present on anything spatially related you like.  It could be about a project you have worked on, things going on at your office or just something of personal interest.   If you cannot participate, please come to enjoy the talks and cake!

If you wish to participate in the lightning round talks, please email me at


~Chris Gist

Chris Gist MS, GISP

GIS Specialist

The Scholars’ Lab

Digital Research & Scholarship – UVa Library

Office Phone: 434.982.2637

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