Thornton Art Gallery Opens

The following reposted from an E-mail announcement sent to SEAS faculty and students by Mary E. Lane.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Thornton Art Gallery, the newest art exhibition at the University of Virginia.  Hosted by the Department of Science, Technology and Society and SEAS, the gallery is located in the foyer of the 2nd floor of Thornton Hall (A-wing, West side).  The first installation in the gallery is currently on display.  It consists of four paintings by local artist and UVA graduate student Katelyn Sack.  If you have not yet had the chance to see the display, please feel free to saunter by and linger. 

The Gallery seeks first to exhibit work by students, but will also grow to present work by faculty and local residents.  This first installment will run through mid-Spring, at which time a new installment will follow.  The gallery is co-curated by Benjamin Cohen (faculty, STS) and George Cahen (faculty, Department of Materials Science and Engineering), with a curatorial committee that includes Kent Wayland (post-doc, STS) and Doug Jerolimov (faculty, STS).  The committee welcomes and actively seeks inquiries from other SEAS faculty who wish to join and contribute to decisions about future installments in the Gallery. 

Most importantly, the committee seeks inquiries from student-artists who would like to display their work.  Please note that although the first installment presents paintings, the Gallery will also display photographs in the future. 

The selection process for the second installment will start at the beginning of the Spring semester. For those interested in displaying work, please contact Benjamin Cohen at:  Include “Thornton Art Gallery” in the subject header.  For those faculty members interested in joining the curatorial committee and contributing to decisions about future installments in the Gallery, please use the same contact address.


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