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Spray-on Skin

Traditionally, treatment for severe second-degree burns consists of adding insult to injury: cutting a swath of skin from another site on the same patient in order to graft it over the burn. The process works, but causes more pain for the burn victim and doubles the area in need of healing. Now a relatively new technology has the potential to heal burns in a way that’s much less invasive than skin grafts. With just a small skin biopsy and a ready-made kit, surgeons can create a suspension of the skin’s basal cells–the stem cells of the epidermis–and spray the solution directly onto the burn with results comparable to those from skin grafts.

Learn more about this new technology in an article by Lauren Gravitz in Technology Review at

World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Oasis of the Seas

The 5,400 passenger, 16-deck Oasis of the Seas cruise ship is currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean on its way to its home port of Port Everglades, Florida.  The ship is a marvel of naval engineering and technology.  Weighing in at over 220,000 gross registered tons, the ship features sophisticated guidance and monitoring systems, environmentally sensitive recycling systems, retractable funnels to allow the ship to pass beneath low-hanging bridges, and a myriad of amenities for passengers, including a tree-filled “central park” over 100 meters in length.  Learn more about the Oasis of the Seas, track its passage across the Atlantic and watch the daily Captain’s Log videos at

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